Checkpoint List
Checkpoint Mileage From SS To Auburn Check Type Crew Pulse Cut-Off Times Cut-Off Guidelines
Soda Springs00100Ride Start at 5:15amYes5:30 am OUT
Lyon Ridge14.514.585.5Trot-By (Vet Available)NO8:00 am IN
Red Star Ridge721.578.5Gate & Go++NO609:30 am IN9:00 am IN
Robinson Flat7.52971Gate to Hold: 1 Hr.Yes6011:15 am PULSE 12:15 pm OUT10:00 am IN
Pucker Point Entrance93862Water Only (No Check)NO
Last Chance54357Gate & Go++NO642:30 pm IN2:15 pm IN
Devil’s Thumb4.547.552.5Water only (No Check)NO
Deadwood1.54951Gate & Go++NO644:30 pm IN4:00 pm IN
Michigan Bluff7.556.543.5Water Only (No Check)Yes (1)5:15 pm IN
Chicken Hawk258.541.5Gate and Go++Yes (2)646:30 pm IN
Foresthill462.537.5Gate to Hold: 1 Hr.Yes647:45 pm PULSE 8:45 pm OUT7:00 pm IN
Cal 21072.527.5Hay & Water (No Check)NO10:45 pm IN10:00 pm IN
Francisco’s779.520.5Gate & Go++NO6412:45 am OUT12:00 am IN
Foresthill Rd Xing #17.58713Radio Checkpoint/Water AvailableNO2:30 am OUT1:30 am IN
Clementine Rd Xing5928Water AvailableNO
Foresthill Rd Xing #21.593.56.5Radio CheckpointNO
Confluence1.5955Gate & Go++NO644:00 am OUT3:30 am IN
No Hands Bridge0.595.54.5Crews and Spectators AllowedYes (3)4:00 am IN
Auburn Staging Area499.50.5Timed FinishYes (4)5:15am IN
McCann Stadium0.51000“Fit to Continue” Vet Release Examination (5)Yes64 / Sound40 min to reach Pulse At McCann
“Gate” = when criteria reached, present horse. Criteria must be met within 30 min. of arrival
++ After cut-off, Riders must leave 10 min. after vetting. Water and Hay provided at all Gate & Go and Gate to Holds
(1) Park on Chicken Hawk Road and walk down to Michigan.
(2) Walk in from Michigan Bluff Road.
(3) Public designated parking along Hwy 49
(4) Meet and walk with rider
(5) This mandatory vet exam, between 1 & 2 hours after McCann finish, does not affect finish status.
Haggin Cup exams are held on Sunday at 10:00 am–All First Ten Horses MUST remain at the Fairgrounds (See Rule 11) 6/20/2023